Welcome to Sanity & Self.

I’m Meng, the co-founder & CEO of Sanity & Self, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Sanity & Self came about through my own personal experience. When my days got busy with work, school, relationships and family, I realized how little I took care of my self: esp. my inner self - my mind and heart.

The wellbeing of our minds and hearts is so fundamental in making us who we are, helping us interpret and navigate the world, and empowering us to discover ourselves, to connect with others, to feel, to love and to live.

Like our body, when our hearts or minds are wounded, they need to be taken care of - to heal. But because these wounds are invisible and inside, we tend to ignore them until the problem is too big. That happened to me.

Personally, I realized the more I take care of my inner self, the more insights I get about myself and how I relate to others in the world, the more confidence and peace of mind I feel. It is a journey starting with self-care.

I knew countless other women were on their journeys too. Beyond our personal level, we see the old model of self-care for women is broken. We have been told to take care of ourselves from head to toe - our outside & our looks, but what about our inner-self? Our hearts and minds?


"Our inner self doesn’t get the care it needs."

Is it any wonder we feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled?


That's why my team and I created Sanity & Self, a one-stop guided self-care app for women to get us the meaningful self-care we deserve.

Sanity & Self helps you recharge and find some calm in this crazy world. We put hundreds of guided audio sessions at your fingertips with bite-sized multi-part journeys in self-healing, self-discovery and self-empowerment led by experts in relationship therapy, mindfulness, sex, sleep, personal development, women’s empowerment, personal training, breathing, meditation and so much more. 

And you'll discover a caring and supportive in-app community. A place to be seen and heard. A place to be real and connect with like-minded women about things you care about. To rant and laugh. A place to be you, without make-up, without trying to please anyone, just you.

Welcome to your new self-care today.

Meng Li,

CEO and Co-founder

P.S. Here is where the name Sanity & Self comes from:

"Sanity" is feeling peace and empowered amidst your daily chaos. "Self" is the focus of you – your mind and soul. It is your self-care, self-love, self-healing, self-discovery and self-empowerment, made to fit your day.