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Sanity & Self Launches First Guided Wellness App with Mindfulness, Fitness and Personal Growth Experts in One Destination

App includes short, interactive audio sessions to take care of all aspects of a woman’s wellbeing


Sanity & Self, the first guided wellness app with mindfulness, fitness and personal growth experts in one destination, launches today in the App Store to help the everyday woman squeeze in time to take care of herself through short, interactive audio sessions. Whether at home or in the workplace, women often act as caregivers but don't get care for themselves.

Studies show that women are more stressed than men, and moms bear more of the burden of childcare than fathers, according to the American Psychological Association. In fact, moms have as little as 17 minutes a day to themselves, according to the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Not taking care of oneself has short-term and long-term consequences, including insomnia, anxiety, a weakened immune system and even major illnesses such as depression, heart disease and obesity, according to the APA. Nearly half of all women have lain awake at night within the last month because of stress, according to an APA study.

With Sanity & Self, women can finally start to fit in some of the care they need. Here’s what it offers:

*One destination for self-care at an affordable price: For the nonstop woman, Sanity & Self is the one-stop shop for self-care. It’s the only app that brings mindfulness, body, fitness and personal growth practices to one destination, and it costs as little as $6.67 a month with a six-month subscription.

*Sessions guided by experts in mindfulness, body, fitness and personal growth: The app has experts to guide you and includes music-accompanied audio and video sessions with breathing exercises, meditation, feel-good workouts, massages, relaxing beauty routines, sleep sessions, self-empowerment and more.

*Built with busy schedules in mind: Today’s women are busier than ever. Sanity & Self accommodates busy schedules with sessions that range from 2 minutes to 45 minutes.

*Get support and meet women in the community: Sanity & Self provides women with a community where they can lean on each other for support, help out others by sharing their experiences and be connected with not only peers, but also experts in fitness, mental wellbeing, mindfulness and more.    

“After I became a mom, I quickly realized how difficult it was to take care of myself and knew countless other women were dealing with the same challenges I was facing,” said Meng Li, Sanity & Self’s co-founder and CEO. “We’d all spent our lives leaning in, and now we need something to lean on. The old model of self-care is broken. A SoulCycle class, a 30-minute meditation at a studio, a one-hour facial— all these activities are time-consuming, expensive and fail to help everyday women. Sanity & Self works to solve this problem by helping women take just a few minutes out of their day for themselves with guided sessions in fitness, wellness, body, mindfulness, personal growth, sleep and more.”

Sanity & Self is owned by Moov, a health and wellness company, and is available today for iPhone in the App Store. For more information, please visit

About Sanity & Self

Sanity & Self is a guided wellness app that helps women squeeze in time to take care of themselves through short, interactive audio sessions guided by mindfulness, fitness and personal growth experts. No matter if you have two minutes or an hour, Sanity & Self gives you quick and easy ways to re-energize, recharge and restore. Through a community of peers and experts, women can connect on the topics that are important to them, whether it’s wellness, feel-good workouts, parenting or more, and get the support they need. Women spend all day caring for others, but women need care for themselves, too. Old models of self-care don’t work because they’re not efficient or don’t solve for the whole woman’s wellbeing - Sanity & Self is the only destination dedicated to getting your your mind, body and soul the self-care you deserve.

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