How Self-Care Helped Sarah Heal From Her Old Traumas

Meet Sarah

A stressful job and not being sure which direction to take in her career and in her life had Sarah feeling stressed out and lost. She'd tried therapy in the past, and usually found relief in losing herself in a good book but this time none of those options seemed to be working for her. She couldn't put her finger on what was wrong, or why she was feeling this way, she just knew she needed some relief.


A Missing Piece

When Sarah downloaded Sanity & Self she found herself looking at so many options to get self-care she couldn't choose where to start. After being guided to listen to Airial Clark's Trauma & Trust series she realized this was the piece she'd been missing all along. Finally dealing with some childhood trauma she'd pushed to the back of her mind for too long she found the relief she'd desperately been seeking for so long. She realized her childhood trauma was responsible for her anxiety and for her struggles with anger and stress.

After listening to the entire series she identified the missing piece she'd always been struggling to find was inside herself the whole time. Sarah had struggled with emotional reactions that others told her were out of proportion. To her the reactions she had always seemed logical and appropriate but she'd found that she struggled in relationships due to her response to stressors. Now she was able to identify why she reacted that way and take steps to correct her feelings and her actions. Now she connected the dots on how she felt and why she felt that way when she'd never had the tools to do it before.

Taking it to the Next Level

Sarah got so much relief and insight from her audio sessions in the Sanity & Self app she was thrilled to see a new feature added, Chat 1:1 which gave her the opportunity to connect directly with an expert to take her healing to the next level. To Sarah she felt like using Chat 1:1 for a week of unlimited messaging with expert Seida Hood, LCSW was like taking a shortcut to resolve her issues. She logically put together that Seida's education, training, and experience meant she'd be able to give Sarah tips, and tools that she might never discover on her own through reading, watching videos, or asking friends for advice. Now when she has a situation that triggers her anxiety or would have led to an angry response before she has the tools to pause, process, and then react appropriately.


Looking Forward Filled with Joy

Now Sarah feels more in control of her emotions and she knows she's not alone on her journey. She's got a coach right in her pocket that's always there when she needs it, whether it's in chatting with an expert directly or listening to hundreds of audio sessions to gain tools and insights she was missing before. Sarah says she feels so much better and stronger than she did before downloading Sanity & Self and she's extremely grateful for the insights she gained through the audio content and especially through Chat 1:1. She credits her newfound confidence and peace of mind with being able to leave a job that was not on her career path and was causing more stress and anxiety than anything. Now she's got her eyes focused firmly on the future, moving to America with her boyfriend, starting a family and growing even happier, more confident, and more in control every day.

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