How Self-Care took a Single-Mom from Grieving to Whole

Jannine is a single mom of a beautiful 5-year-old daughter. Between single motherhood and trying to heal from her previous toxic relationships, she found herself in serious need of some self-care. Jannine's beautiful smile often graces our community pages and she shares her wisdom and insights with anyone who needs them.


Needing Something More

Jannine has always enjoyed journaling, as well as writing beautiful poetry but when she suddenly lost her brother on the heels of a miscarriage and ending a toxic romantic relationship with her daughter's father, suddenly journaling wasn't enough anymore. To Jannine journaling had always been a way to pour her thoughts out onto the page without having to worry whether or not they made sense, or what type of backlash she might get for sharing them.  But, when adjusting to life as a single mother and grieving the loss of her relationship and her brother, depression sunk its hooks into her and she needed more than journaling to fight her way back to the surface.

Between coping with the unexpected health issues that a miscarriage created including multiple surgeries, plus trying to adjust to her new life as a single mother and recovering from the lasting effects of an unhealthy relationship, Jannine found herself in need of Self-Care in a whole new way to her.

When I found Sanity & Self, I was this scared person with no self-esteem, self-confidence or self-worth. Through listening to the sessions and talking with others, I’ve become a stronger and more confident woman. I put in the work of self-care to better love myself and realize my worth.

Introducing Self-Care Her Way

Jannine shares that she remembers listening to Melanie DewBerry's Be Confident series and feeling like Melanie was speaking directly to her in a way that echoed her own thoughts. At the time she remembers being a little frightened by the experience, but given that her own self-esteem and confidence were at an all-time low she kept going. She kept listening to Melanie's series, and she listened to other series too. She knew that just by listening to those first few audio recordings she was going to be okay. She wasn't in this alone and she was more determined than ever to keep going, keep growing and make it through to the other side of her struggles.

By finding a community of like-minded, similar experienced women in the Sanity & Self community she knew she wasn't alone, other women had gone through and were going through the same thing she was experiencing. And that her own experiences could also benefit someone else who hadn't made as much progress as she had. She'd left her unhealthy relationship and by sharing her story and her struggles she could pay-it-forward in a unique way from one woman to another.

Uncovering Her True Self


Jannine recently moved out of her hometown for the first time in her life and she realizes what an amazing milestone this is for her. The old Jannine wouldn't have had the courage or confidence to branch out, try new things, live alone, and experience life completely on her own but the new Jannine is excited for these new challenges. Even though this may be a small step on her life journey she realizes the huge step this if for her from the insecure, unconfident woman she was just a few short months ago. That woman could not have made this leap, but the new and improved Jannine is tackling every day with a beautiful smile on her face, and excitement in her heart.

I realize that I’m fully capable of standing on my own and being successful.

She's looking forward to finishing her degree in human resources and launching her own career as a career coach for others. She's gone from a woman who lacked self-esteem and confidence to a woman who is now confident enough in herself to see a future where she's inspiring, coaching, and helping others achieve their goals for their careers. Her plans include creating a career for herself that allows her to thrive, and maintain the flexibility so she can always be there for her daughter and never miss any of those important milestones in her daughter's life.

I’m forever grateful to the Sanity & Self team and community. The way they embraced me when I needed it made all the difference for me.

Jannine Recommends

My favorite series was the Prioritize Me series. I always struggled with putting myself first. I put the needs, expectations, and happiness of others above my own. The series gave me the courage to put myself first for a change, without feeling guilty. Putting myself first meant prioritizing my own needs. I learned that taking care of myself meant I could better take care of my daughter. It also meant being more productive and being happy, like truly happy, because the only voice I was listening to was my own for a change.