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From Stressed Out Bride-to-Be to a Confidence Queen With Self-Care

After an intense nursing program and internship, Natalie found herself struggling to remember who she was before cramming for tests took up most of her life. Between that and planning a wedding she felt stress on a level she'd never experienced before. In came the need for some self-care...STAT! Oh, did we mention she was also living with her future mother-in-law to save some cash? Yeah, this girl needed some self-care.

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From Over Stressed to Giving Less F#cks

Courtney is a familiar face in our Sanity & Self community as she volunteers to host our in-community book club every month. She's also one of those bright faces you look forward to seeing in the community and one that so willingly shares her been-there-done-that wisdom with other women who are on their own journey. She's the type of woman who you tend to look at and think she's got it all figured out, but she'll be the first to tell you she's a work-in-progress just like the rest of us and while she's come a long way she's not done traveling her path just yet.

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