How Self-Care Taught One Woman to Find Love on the Inside

Alyssa is like a lot of women who got out of a toxic relationship with a man who messed with her head. She found herself stuck in a cycle of trying to find love in a lot of unhealthy ways. She had no idea that the man she'd been chasing after for two years was manipulating her, and was most likely a narcissistic personality. When she first joined Sanity & Self she didn't think there was any way she'd ever feel better than she did right then. She definitely wasn't going to pay for an app, but after a few posts in the community that all changed and her self-care journey got kicked into high gear.

Three months ago, when Alyssa first downloaded Sanity & Self she had just left a very unhealthy romantic relationship with a man who made her feel like less than she is and made her doubt her worthiness. She was riddled with doubts and insecurities that were triggering her anxiety and making her feel unlovable. The romantic partner had led her on, made her believe he loved her and wanted a real relationship with her but then ended up leaving her heartbroken in the end. 

At first, she had no intention of upgrading to premium, she connected in the community and found great support but when she heard some feedback that her ex fit the narcissist personality traits she couldn't resist hearing more. She upgraded for the free trial and never looked back. She's now binge listened to over 200 self-love, relationship, anxiety, and empowerment sessions and has reconnected with her self-confidence in a way that is truly inspiring!

"You know without this app I wouldn’t have accomplished moving forward….with anything relationship-wise."

Self-Love Changes Everything

She no longer equates sex with how to build a relationship or how to gauge a guy's interest in her. She recently shared she heard from a former friends-with-benefits person and was able to turn the offer of a hookup down flat and never looked back. She shared that it was amazing to feel confident in her decision to tell him no and that sex clouds things for her and he shouldn't kiss her if he has no interest in pursuing a relationship with her. Because she's grown her self-love and self-confidence she now knows she has control over what happens to her body, and that she has the power to say no when that's what she wants to say. She started with self-love and quickly learned that when you love yourself, boundaries and self-respect are natural side-effects.

I’m happy to have this app. I am soo glad i came across this, i was desperately needed some enlightenment with anxiety/relationship stuff, than i saw this and i looooooovvveeeddd this app. This app is amazing it has helped me find my voice and get positive feedback.💓 Thank you Sanity & Self for making this a safe environment where i can leave my thoughts without worrying what anyone thinks. You guys have helped me through sooooooo much. I don’t think about my ex anymore when i do i just listen to one of the sessions to help ease my mind. So thank you. ,💓🏵

Looking for Support on her Journey

She sometimes struggled with thinking she's "too much" for people and wondering how to change herself to fit what the people she's attracted to are looking for. Through learning to love herself she's learning that the people who belong in her life won't consider her too much for them, they'll rise to meet her where she is.

You know… When it comes to dating.
I feel like… I’m way too much for a person…

After turning to the in-app community for feedback and then listening to more content that backed up what she heard there she realized it's not a matter of being "too much" for them it's a matter of them just not being right for her. She's learned so much she kind of wishes that someone would teach her prospective partners a little bit so they'd catch up to her.

I don’t know who taught these guys to date but they should listen to a woman more. I deserve to be talked to in a nice manner, to feel happy and secure.

Alyssa is now a constant in the community giving others the advice she was craving when she went through her breakup, empowering other women to be in control of their body and not bow to pressure from anyone to have sex they don't want to have, not to wait around on romantic partners who are stringing them along, and to always put themselves at the top of their priority list.

"Thank you Sanity & Self, you’ve really helped me to prove to my self I have the power to say no and learn I don’t have to give my body if I don’t want to. It took me 25 years to learn this. I will always preach to the choir on how amazing this app is. You’ve all helped me get over my ex, stop obsessing over him stop checking social media. Gosh, what else can you do? You ladies are fixing my life and giving me the confidence that I lacked. So thank you for helping me become a woman with a voice. I love you guys!!

How Alyssa learned to love & prioritize herself

Alyssa has consumed over 200 in-app audio sessions! From Self-Love for Single Girls to Trauma & Trust and even Understanding Your Anxiety, each session has taught her more about who she is, why she's lovable, and how incredibly worthy she is. She's gone from hesitant to prioritize herself in a way that most women feel, to being here to do the work she knows she is worth to love herself first, last, and always. Alyssa has transformed her life by learning to love herself most and not lowering her expectations for those in her life. 

Her Journey Continues

Self-Care is a journey, not a destination so like all of us Alyssa is learning and redefining her self-care needs every day. She's making progress and learning where her boundaries are and how to enforce them while navigating the single/dating scene. She knows that through self-care she'll never compromise her values or her own needs for the sake of a romantic relationship again.

Alyssa Recommends

“I like Maintaining Mental Health it feels like she's really honest and she's not making it sound like a bad thing to have feelings.”

Breakup Bounce Back really helped to get over my ex and truly disconnect with him.”

Self-Respect just made to understand people’s boundaries and not to cross them, there are so many more that I highly enjoy but the overall experience with this app is like having an extended family being able to listen to these amazing recordings. Self-worth indeed.! I got my sanity back because of everyone who works hard on this app.