Relationship Emergency

Relationship Emergency

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Relationship Emergency

Need some timely relationship SOS? Connect 1:1 with Chanelle for 45 minutes of video /phone coaching to solve your relationship emergency. Gain a new perspective, new confidence, and some much needed advice on what to do next. Help is ALWAYS here!

Chanelle Janae, Mindset Coach

Chanelle Janae is a Mindset Coach who specializes in women's empowerment. Chanelle’s soul mission is to help women break up with the past for good and rewrite their limiting story. Having overcome depression, abuse, prejudice, abandonment, bullying and self-worth deficits, Chanelle made it her life’s work to help other women do the same through her signature system. She loves bringing life changing value and sharing her story so other women may know they too can heal. born hurting from their past go from feeling stuck and unworthy to healed and thriving so they can finally live in alignment with their highest self, call in all their true desires with confidence and create the life of their dreams!

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What Chanelle’s clients are saying:

"I feel alive and like I'm actually in charge of my story and no longer enslaved to my limiting thoughts."

- Maria

"I've experienced so much growth because of you. Almost all if it is invisible but I notice it every single day and it's WAY bigger than any external changes ever could be. I will always owe taking one of the biggest steps forward in my life to you."

- Ali