Relationship Real Talk

Relationship Real Talk


Relationship Real Talk

EVERYONE has relationship challenges. Chat with Angela for 30 minutes of 1:1 phone coaching about your relationship issues. Learn how to effectively set boundaries, resolve conflicts, improve communication, lift your romantic life, and love you more!

Angela Keck, Peer Advisor 

Angela Keck is a writer, coffee addict, and Community Manager for Sanity & Self. As a mother of 2 (almost) grown kids who just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary, she has become a trusted source of support and advice for many women in our online community. Known for her constant encouragement and no-nonsense attitude, Angela is here to listen and share her life wisdom to help you get over your ex, improve your relationship, or just love YOU more! Chances are, whatever your'e struggling with, she's been there...and solved it. 

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What Angela’s clients are saying:

"Awe Angela thanks you sure know how to make a gal feel better I truly appreciate you. Thanks for always knowing just what to say and when to say it!!! You rock!


"Thank you Angela. You’re a wise women that loves what you do and you are great at it. It is definitely a relief to know that I’m not alone in this and there are other women that felt the same. Thanks again!"