Destigmatizing Mental Health Through Self-Care

Meet Daisy

Daisy is a mom of two with a busy, sometimes stressful job working at a children's hospital. Daisy had tried several other meditation, de-stress, breathing types of apps before she found Sanity & Self but when she downloaded Sanity & Self, everything changed. She felt connected to experts who shared from their own life experiences. The audio sessions from experts who candidly talked about their own struggles, their own failures, and their own successes are a big part of what helped Daisy normalize her own mental health struggles and get on the path to overcoming them.

The Old Self-Care

Daisy tried "everything" to help manage her stress, anxiety and depression. And by "everything" she means essential oils, valerian root and pretty much any natural remedy she could get her hands on. She knew something was going on inside her, something felt off, but she didn't know what or how to fix it. Nothing she tried helped, and she started to feel frustrated by natural remedies and turned to her App Store.

I knew something was going on with me, I couldn’t escape the “feeling”. So I tried any “natural” remedy. None of them quite worked out for me.

The NEW Self-Care

Daisy downloaded all kinds of apps, some of them she only stuck with for a day or two and knew immediately they weren't the right fit for her. Then she tried Sanity & Self, she immediately felt a connection to what she was hearing, she felt validated and normalized and knew this was what she needed. But, in the beginning, she hesitated to commit to paying for an app to help her feel better. Her husband saw the transformation in her though and encouraged her that her mental health was worth far more to her family than just a few bucks a month. So she jumped in with both feet and never turned back! 

Managing Stress & Anxiety Her Way

As a long-time music lover, Daisy loves using the App's music sessions to unwind, to journal, to allow her to meditate and clear her mind of stress before work or after work. She has also learned so much about managing her anxiety and panic attacks through the guided audio sessions from Sanity & Self's experts. Through self-care she learned to not be so anxious about having anxiety. She learned coping skills and gained insights that allow her to be more in the moment, to watch for the warning signs of anxiety trying to creep into her day and handles it before it gets out of hand. 

In fact, she's gained SO much insight into her own anxiety that she was recently able to help another woman in the midst of a panic attack herself. Daisy was able to be in the moment with another woman and helped to walk her through some breathing exercises as well as share her own story with panic attacks and anxiety. Daisy is proud to know she was able to let someone else know that they aren't alone in their struggle and share some of her hard-earned wisdom around anxiety in a pay-it-forward way.

I want to say that I’m not any different. But I’m going to give myself credit, because it’s due! I’ve come along way. I would not have dared to ever share my story about anxiety and depression because of the stigma that surrounds it.

Choosing Her F#cks

Daisy knows she's come a long, long way! There was a time in her life where she would never have felt comfortable sharing her story about depression and anxiety because mental health issues have such a negative stigma attached to them. But now she knows that those labels and negative feelings are one part of what makes mental health struggles feel isolating and overwhelming. Now she knows she's so much more than a diagnosis, or a struggle, she's a whole package and she's pretty great!

Daisy is proud to share that through her hard work and self-care she's been able to stop taking (with her doctor's advice) one of her anxiety meds. She's got goals for the future of getting her anxiety so far under controls she can stop taking the second medication too. Plus, this girl's got a degree in her sights! She is looking forward to taking more family vacations, enjoying time with her kids and her husband and knowing when it's time to stop and breathe.

Daisy Recommends

“Mindfulness for Anxiety—SO GOOD!”